The Return

10273407_10202334802151432_4037705295605346758_nDear friends, family and fellow bloggers, My initial goal was to get this letter out about 2 months ago, whoops. When I arrived back to California from Honduras, life took a turn. I never imagined how difficult the transition was going to be. Let alone how difficult the transition has still been. My heart is still in Honduras; it is still with those kids, those parents, those teachers and everything else involved with that country. Even the random cravings for Baleadas and a coke can make a person go crazy. I really wanted to write to you all though and tell you not about the struggle but about the glory that God is doing. Our team got the privilege to work with a group called La Providencia; it is a bi-lingual school with two homes on the campus, where 6-8 orphans are housed with a set of house parents. We were at the school Monday thru Friday, working in the classrooms, teaching English classes, getting tackled by mass amounts of niño’s, and building a new cement wall. When we would finish at the school, we would jump on the bus with the students and head to the soccer field and put on a soccer camp for the community. During the second week, we continued at the school but instead of doing the soccer camp we went a little further down the road to a Church and put on a VBS. I will never forget the vision of driving on that bus and seeing kids running from their houses to meet us. Many of the kids that came to the soccer camps ended up coming to the VBS as well, and for the first time, they got to hear the word of God. There has been one thing that stays on my mind and it’s about what God has been teaching me. Within those 18 days, the only thing I could do was to put every bit of me into trusting God. There were times I was terrified and times I was in awe of God’s wonder, and through it all, I had to trust God. My life will never be the same because of this trip and I want to say thank you for your prayer, encouragement, and/or financial support. Without your partnership my mission trip might not have been possible. Thank you for investing in me for the Kingdom’s sake! I know that God wants me to be bolder about sharing my faith – not just in Honduras but also all over the world. Right now, please be praying with me in the next step God wants me to take, whether that is returning back to Honduras this upcoming summer or meeting up with God in another country.

In Him, Michelle Rompel