Here's To Us

Here's to the confused

To the graduates who have no idea where their next step will land, where their next rent check will come from

To the 30 somethings that thought they would be married and starting their family but their timeline was shifted in a different direction.

Here's to the strugglers

Who have heard "no" more times than "yes"

Doors closed more than opened

And more tears fallen from sadness rather than laughter

To the ones who strive so hard for approval but never seem to fill the missing parts

You are not alone You are not alone You are not alone

Here's to the broken ones

To the victims, the abandoned, the hurt, broken-hearted, shattered, stressed to the point of running, and my brothers and sisters.

We are all broken.

You are not alone.

Here's to the blessed

To the ones who made it off the streets, found a bunch of ragtag  broken people and called them family,

To the ones who embrace the confusion.

Who embrace the struggle, because the struggle is real

Here's to the ones who embrace their brokenness

Not out of their own shame and pride but to support their neighbors we are called to love whether naughty or nice.

Here's to the ones who have made #blessed an actual reality not just a Twitter or Instagram fame.

You are not alone.

Look around you, your people are there, waiting for you, waiting for you to accept that in this world, you can't do it alone.