You are more, my dear friend. You are more than what the people on the streets tell you you ought to be.

You are more than what the magazine on the rack shows you you ought to be.

Between Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram

It's no wonder we compare our lives to a screen rather than a King.

But even when that screen gets cracked and shattered, we replace it, repair it, doesn't matter if we can't afford it.

What about the heart?

What about the heart that's broken in two and torn into pieces?

Instead of trying to repair it, we numb it.

Alcohol, drugs, gluttony and pornography.

We've become convinced this is the answer, a quick 1-800-removal type of order

We've become so quick to fix the thing that captures a memory with a click but doesn't store it with emotion wrapped all around it.

You see I once was captured inside of this screen, screaming to get out but stuck in the mess I created.

Writing out for attention, writing out in hopes someone would see the pain of my  shattered heart under that clear cut screen.

And I know I'm not alone when it comes to this zone, when it comes to this bone

To pick social media or to pick social interaction

Now I'm not hating on the social media, you'll see me tweeting and snapping maybe a little too much some days

But no longer am I searching for a connection through a screen

Rather I am searching for a soul of my sister and brother through a face to face interaction.

I'm tired of this empty feeling

I'm tired of this gapping hole in my soul yearning to be fed by egos, likes, and perfection.

The only thing that can restore this soul is the King that first created it

Like a piece of wood I drifted from shore to shore

I drifted from person to person, clique to clique

Only to be let down, faded out, forgotten and misrepresented

That screen was my mask, the ultimate identity

That courage I thought I was showing was actually fear drenched in worry

My friend, you were not created to be perfect

You were not created to live in scarcity

You were created for struggle, but worthy of love and belonging

Yes, you are worthy.

You may not believe it now, but darling it's true.

I am a product of the re-pairing of a soul

I once was lost but now I am found

I once was asleep but rose from the dead

This re-pairing wasn't easy

It took months, it took years.

Like a bluetooth to that screen

I am now connected to my King and speak freely out to thee.

There's no buffering, no waiting, no misconnection in timing

It's no longer my will to be done but His till the fainting sun.

My question to you is...

where is your worth coming from?