Life is a journey, with unknown destinations, yet  somehow leading me to the perfect house, my Fathers House. 

It takes us down paths, twisted, windy, chaotic and triumphant 

Some carry joy, some carry worry, each brings a story within a story. 

There's this game called Life, but mine feels more like Hide and Seek

The comfort is home base saying this is where I am safe, this is where I fit in.

But shame gets trapped in the hiding, shame locks us in and wraps around the pain to disguise it as a mask of identity and emotion.

The seek comes from Jesus,

But out of fear we start running, running from the one who picks us up out of the mud we chose to rest in, to sit in.

Yet I was sought out, I was created, I was breathed into being. 

My Name: His daughter 

His Name: My Father 

My price was his death, the currency his blood. 

You are the maker, the creator, the ultimate designer 


The world, your red carpet, our eyes your paparazzi

You speak truth to our souls 

That get told we are unworthy 

My child you are worthy

My child you...are....enough. 

Please, come out of hiding. 

My plan is so much greater, you can trust me, I won't leave you, desert you, do anything of harm towards you. 

Here take my hand, it fits perfect right there with you. 

I will guide you, you need only to trust in this ride I've prepared for you. 

I know you've seen hurt and I know you've seen trouble 

My darling dear, I promise it's worth it, this process will all be worth it. 

It doesn't seem like it now, your heart it might be breaking

But you see I know brokenness, I know the broken-hearted 

My son was beaten, spit at, cursed at and hated. 

I know all the tricks, I know all the places 

To hide and to lie, to cry, scream, pace, dream, hurt, laugh, toss back and forth

Like the breaking of a wave on a beach, it pulls in and out

Often times like your heart, but you see I know you and I still pursue you.

I know you further than the depths of the sea, more than the sand you drain between your fingers or tears you have let fall to the ground and make its mark.

My arms are wide open, like an all too familiar glowing neon sign in the window 

You are always welcome, I am always open

You are always welcome in my hiding.

We all have things we hide. We all have pain that has bound us to specific chains that hold us back from allowing Jesus to work through us. There is a difference between knowing we are forgiven and walking in freedom. Don't let your past be Satan's greatest weapon, allow it to be God's most powerful tool.

From one human to the next,