Running to God

I recently had the opportunity to teach in our Young Adults gathering as we started a new series on Jonah called "Running to God". Check out the full sermon here

If you are like myself or Jonah, you might be really familiar with the idea of running from God. See I am awful at physically running, for some people it's what they are all about! For me, the only thing I'm running to is an ice cream truck or when I am at Disneyland. In fact Disneyland seems to be the place I run to when life gets hard. When I am so overwhelmed and frustrated, confused, doubting, in my mind I am already on my way to get in line for Indiana Jones. There was a specific time in my life when everything seemed to be just hard. Have you ever experienced that? I needed to get away so naturally I went down to LA to go see one of my closest friends and spend some time away from life. While there we had another friend join us and so we spent the morning walking around Disneyland and then eventually we grabbed some overpriced lunch. This new friend had started asking me questions about work and life and all the stuff I was trying to get away from. Have you ever had those friends or people in your life that just know how to get at your heart without even trying? By the end of lunch I was trying to hold every feeling back because I was tough and I didn't want this person to see me show emotion. I remember being in tears on the drive back home and she got out to give us a hug and immediately I put up my defenses once again, I blocked her and as she tried to hold me down I ninja moved out of my backpack and literally ran away. I ran straight around the corner and didn't look back. It only took them a few minutes to find me since I had my phone and Find My Friends. A few minutes later I got a text from that new friend and all it said was "Stop Hiding." 

When we start hiding who we are and what we are dealing with we start running further and further from God. Just like our friend Jonah. When we allow fear to take control we risk losing the intimacy with God and run in every other direction. 

I don't know where you guys are at in your walk with God. Maybe you are running so close to him you are in sync, and maybe you are running so far away you feel like you can never get back. You are never too far, just like Jonah was trying to run away from the presence of God, his presence was already there waiting for him with open arms. 

What are you running from today? What is it that God is calling you to do that is making you run further instead of closer?   

From one human to the next,