I am not a Writer

You see, I'm not much of a writer, I'm more of a verbal processor or "stuffer" depending on the context of the situation. When I started to travel I picked up journaling from a couple friends who encouraged me to try it out. I have about five different journals now with maybe three pages written on in all of them from each time I would want to try again and totally dedicate myself to starting over. Okay so maybe two have actual writing and the others just have doodles. Either way, I finally started to get the hang of it a few years ago when I moved to Jessup. Truthfully, it has been one of the best things for my life. My favorite thing about it, is not the chance to write out my feelings or setting the time aside to have introvert time. I mean don't get me wrong those things can be great, but not really my style. What I love, is the chance to go back. Not the chance to go back and see how far I've fallen or how far I've come, but to see how much God has done because it is not about what I do, it never has been. It's about what He is doing through me to glorify His name and to bring the Kingdom of God to earth. I was listening to a podcast from one of my favorite churches down in the LA area, Fellowship Monrovia. If you have never watched a pastor do the whip and nae-nae on a church stage I highly suggest it. Anyways, the speaker was talking about stories. More in depth about how OUR story matters. She said something that hit me so hard I had to grab the little dot on my Iphone and drag it back multiple times. "When our stories go untold, we lose the opportunity to step into someone’s narrative and change the course by sharing what God has done through our lives." Wow.

How many times have we sat with a person, talked about life but instead of sharing our experiences and the things we have been through, we hide, become embarrassed about it, and try to run when in reality, they NEED to hear it. We have the opportunity to help change a persons life. My life was changed when somebody told me they struggled with depression and anxiety as well. I suddenly didn't feel alone, outcasted, crazy. I felt human. Later in life, I then had the opportunity to tell a student about my story and encourage them. When one person's life gets transformed it becomes only time until the next. God calls us to find our identity in Him, not this world. We get the chance to be called sons and daughters not mistakes and failures. My story matters, your story matters, the persons across the coffee shop you are sitting in matters. Our stories matter. We have been gifted with ways to communicate to each person on this planet, don't miss the chance to tell your story and don't miss the chance to hear someone else's story.