Third Times a Charm

What's up everyone! I am excited to announce that I will be returning back home to the amazing country of Honduras this upcoming summer! My trips have progressively gotten longer and this one is no exception. Our team will be in Siguatepeque  for approx. 3 weeks this year...crazy. I am hoping to actually make this blog stick this year and keep posting things that I am either learning or assignments that have helped shape this year so far. First and foremost though...the letter. Enjoy and God bless! For the past two years, I have had the privilege of traveling to Siguatepeque, Honduras. In the summer of 2015, God will be sending me back for a third time. My heart has been left in Honduras; it is with strangers in the street, teachers and kids in a school, the community, and the country. To have an opportunity to go back a third time is indescribable. Throughout the past two years I have been transformed, renewed, and redeemed. God has made it a calling in my life to go out and spread the news of His great love. In 2015, our team will be working alongside La Providencia and the surrounding community by putting on camps, VBS’s and work projects. This will be our longest trip yet, approximately 3-4 weeks. We cannot do this by ourselves; we need the help and support from our family and friends. For those that know me well, Honduras is one of my favorite things to talk about. Please feel free to call, text, email, coffee, lunch, truly anything, if you have questions, concerns or just want to hear more about what God has been up to! Thank you so much for you continuous prayer and support in my life!

I cannot do this on my own. I need your help!

First: PRAYER. We are in constant need of prayer, not only for our team but for the people of Honduras as well.

Second: Financial Support.

This will be our longest trip yet, which means, raising more funds. If you would like to donate, there are multiple ways to help.

1) Green Slip – You can send, cash or check with this slip filled back to Jessup!

333 Sunset Blvd. #769 Rocklin, CA 95765

2) Online (credit/debit) –

Honduras 2015 – Michelle Rompel

*Do not put my name anywhere on a check, all donations are tax deductible


Michelle Rompel

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A Good Suffering

These past few weeks have been a crazy journey. From unexpected situations, midterms, fighting off zombies, a tornado and even fighting off some serious spiritual warfare, all I can say is wow. How I am still managing to stand, breathe, talk, basically be a human, is all to the mighty mysterious glory of God. I first want to give a huge thank you to everyone that has continued to support me on this Honduras adventure, all donations and consistent praying has been an extreme not only privilege to see but as well as a gigantic blessing. I also want to give a shout out to my amazing teammates and friends who have been another huge support in this crazy time of life, I love you all dearly and love being able to share a life with you all! A week ago I experienced something so amazing, terrifying, exciting and confusing. It has been a few weeks and I still have trouble completely understanding what happened. I had heard of spiritual warfare before, but never though something so terrifying would happen to me. After experiencing some serious out-of-body, depersonalization, heaviness, and death, my friend I was with that night said I was surrounded by Jesus in what she called a "Jesus Bubble", and at that point, my confusion and frustration reached an all time high. After what seemed to be the longest night of my life, I woke up the next morning exhausted. And when I say exhausted, I mean felt like I ran 3 marathons back to back, and if you know me...I don't run. Needless to say, it was an interesting day trying to piece all the puzzles back together and figure out basically what in the world happened. The rest of the week after everything happened was probably one of the hardest, most amazing, weeks I have been able to experience. I have always been a fairly out going person, at least I like to think I am, and so everyday that week I had met with someone for a one-on-one just to talk life and get to know each other on a deeper level. However, there was one meeting in particular where I was challenged to look at God's goodness in a different light. This is how I realized God's goodness can come from our struggles.

What does God's good really mean to you?

This may seem like a simple question to some people, obviously bringing out the basic definitions of good such as showing kindness, or something that is pleasing. Now don't get me wrong, these are amazing things but I am talking about a different "good". I'm talking about the hard "good" that nobody seems to want to talk about too often. In Psalm 73 we can see how these two ideas of "good" come in to play. In the beginning, Asaph compares good with being perfect, he believed that as long as he was righteous nothing bad would happen to him. As we get to the end of the Psalm however, we see a complete change in Asaph, he realizes that his suffering was what brought him closer to God. "But as for me, how good it is to be near God! I have made the Sovereign Lord my shelter, and I will tell everyone about the wonderful things you do." (Psalm 73:28) Whatever draws us in to a deeper fellowship and relationship with God is actually "good".  For myself this has come during some of the darkest moments in my life. It was in those places that I realized the suffering and pain I was enduring was not only helping me grow as a person, but growing my faith in learning to trust God and literally surrender my life. Because at those points, I couldn't do anything else except be still, and let God take over.


My prayers for a while now have been asking God to give me a word, just one word that He wants me to use for this year. The same word had come up in almost every prayer that was prayed over me, the word Warrior. This was extremely strange to me when I first was realizing that this was the word God had given to me. Warrior? God, do you see me right now? I am a wreck, a mess, there is no part of me that is a warrior or even close to that. Until I finally understood that through every painful event, every struggle, every bad though that entered my mind, I fought, and I fought hard. I am a Warrior, and not just any warrior, but a beautifully broken, hardheaded warrior for God.


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Continue to check back for more updates, I am officially half-way to my goal of $2500! We leave in 2 months!


Finding Strength


ImageIt is only the second day of the Spring 2014 semester and already I am downing coffee like it's water. Hopefully, it is just all the excitement that this new semester has prepared that is keeping me up at night and not being able to sleep. Between being a full time student while maintaing a job and social life, things can become exhausting. Luckily, there are these wonderful things between classes called breaks that I have yet to use but can tell they are for sure a blessing in disguise. This week though like many other Jessup students, we have been gathering addresses, stamps, envelopes and trying to get our computers to print out the mass amounts of support letters that recently have gone out! One thing that I truly love about this school and campus is how much of a community it really becomes. There is a huge portion of our school that will be heading out for trips this summer and everywhere you look there was someone stuffing envelopes or yelling at their computer and even with all the stress that comes along with the process of having to get things in on time, smiles are on every persons face. It brings such a warmth to my heart and a strength of knowing that even when things get stressful and we may not know the outcome, that God is still putting this fire in our hearts and passion in our pits to do His work. I have been going through a devotion through the Bible App on my phone and there was a specific one that came up recently that I fell in love with. It was talking about the Egyptians and how they tried to wear down the Hebrews but instead the Hebrews multiplied and grew stronger. "When we are burdened or mistreated, we may feel defeated. But our burdens can make us stronger and can develop qualities in us that will prepare us for the future. We cannot be over comers without troubles to overcome. Be true to God in the hard times because even the worst situations can make us better people." That is my prayers recently, to be open and honest with God. Hard times are always ahead of us, we can't stop them from coming but we can surround ourselves with friends and family that can support us and build us up stronger. I could not be more thankful for the people that God has put in my life recently, between people that have been supporting my trip, continually praying for me and even the crazy ones that take in a stray college student for a few weeks before going back to school. God is constantly showing me new ways that He is providing for me and showing me He is here and not leaving me, even when I don't deserve it, He is constant. 

I also just wanted to give in a quick update to the Support Letter as well, ALL the letters I have been able to mail out are officially in the mail and should be arriving soon so be looking for those! However, being a college student, electronics are a big part of my life and so for those that would still like to help support financially feel free to head over to and make sure you click on the Honduras tab and add Michelle Rompel. If you are also just curious there is a goal time line to see how far my fundraising has been coming and how far I still need to go, check it out! 



Support Letter

Happy New Year Everyone! I am really excited for this upcoming year, so much going on with school, work and getting ready for Honduras, but here it is ladies and gentlemen, the official support letter for Honduras 2014!

Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you know I had the privilege to travel to the country of Honduras this past summer, it was amazing! My team and I had the opportunity to work with an organization called Growers First, which helps coffee farmers in Honduras make fair wages and provide the care they need as well. While down there, my team and I spent most of our time helping put on a vacation Bible School for the kids of these families. The poverty level and the amount of homeless and hungry people blew my mind. When I returned to the states, I must admit I faced major culture shock. I began to see the ways in which many of us take things for granted. Honduras changed my worldview on life this past summer.

This fall I started a new chapter in life at William Jessup University. It has been a wild adventure so far and is only just beginning. I didn’t have any plans to go back to Honduras right away; however, after much prayer and reflection on this summers great experience I decided to fill out my application to join the William Jessup Universities first Honduras Team. With that, it is my pleasure to announce that I will be heading back to Honduras this 2014 summer with an amazing team from William Jessup University.

Our team will be working with an organization called La Providenicia in a region called Aguas de Los Padre, Siguatepeque for about 2-3 weeks. La Providencia is an organization that works with at risk orphans and widows. William Jessup is honored to be able to partner with such an incredible organization that has been making an amazing impact in this community. In order for us to be able to partner alongside this incredible organization however, we need YOUR help. Each member of our team needs to raise around $2,500 for this trip to be able to happen. Would you consider partnering with me in this journey through either prayer support or a financial contribution?

If you would like to help with fundraising, please send a check or cash to

Michelle Rompel

333 Sunset Blvd. #769

Rocklin, CA 95765

 To ensure that you receive a tax deduction, please make the check payable to William Jessup University. On the memo line please write “Honduras” only. Please do not include my name on the check for IRS purposes, but attach this letter so the school will know whom the donation is for. Any amount will be very much appreciated, every bit helps!

*Donations can also be made online at, just remember to include Honduras as the destination and my name Michelle Rompel.

Prayers for our team and the people we will serve are also greatly appreciated always. I would love to continue to connect with you on any questions or comments about this trip. I would also love to update you on anything new if you would like. Feel free to continue checking out the blog posts as well at Thank you so much for your consideration of support!

With Love,

Michelle Rompel

“Incline my heart to your testimonies, and not to selfish gain! Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.” Psalm 119:36-37

Getting Back

Hello All!

It had been forever since I have been on here and I want to make that a new change for my life. It is time to get back into the swing of things. I realized I did terrible at keeping up to date on what was happening with my mission trip to Honduras and wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that prayed and supported financial towards our trip, it was amazing. God did some pretty amazing work while we were down there. This was the school that we got to visit everyday while we were there. Image


I am extremely excited to announce as well that I have been given the opportunity to return back to Honduras in the summer of 2014! This fall I started my first semester at William Jessup University as a psychology major. Not only has God blessed me with an amazing group of friends and community here at school, but has put it on the hearts to go to Honduras and serve. When I first heard about all the mission trips the school was having, I had put it out of sight out of mind. I didn't think I was ready to go and serve again, there was so much I needed to do and get down. However, like the saying goes "if you want to make God laugh, show him your plans." On the day before the applications were due for the summer mission trips, we had a missions fair at school and as my friend and I were walking around we stopped off at the Honduras table and it was there God showed me what he had in store for me this summer. Turns out the city that I was in this summer, Siguatepeque, is the same city they are planning on going this upcoming summer. Not only that, but one of the things I have always told myself that I will do one day will be to go and work in an orphanage, and what do we plan to do? Work with the kids in an Orphanage. My heart sank. I went back to the dorm that night and started the application. I needed to have 2 letters of recommendation by the next day and that was when I was really not starting to believe I was meant to go this time, but God led me to the right people and I got the letters in and the application in not only on time, but early. The next step was an interview process with the team leaders. I went to my interview and came back feeling pretty good about it, the leaders and I connected really well and I left with a big smile, so excited to see the outcome. Well, a couple weeks went by and it was time to hear back...


I am stoked to be able to go back and serve the kingdom of God. As of right now I do not know too much about this trip however what I do know, is that we are looking at about 2-3 weeks in Honduras with a team of 14! The cost of the trip is still being figured out, so as of right now, pray, pray, pray. Our team is in constant need of prayer for preparation and for the future of this trip as well as for the people of Honduras. As soon as I find out everything, I will be sending out some support letters about helping with the funds and prayer support, so for those of you thinking about financial support, be praying about it. I would absolutely love to talk more about the trips (past and present), feel free to contact me! Can't wait to continue about what has been happening and how God is moving.