The Show Must Go On

If you thought this was a post about the song by Queen, I am sorry to disappoint. Although, let's be real, half of you didn't even know Queen had a song called 'The Show Must Go On'. It's decent, look it up. But that's not what I'm talking about. 

This cliche phrase has been around for what seems like forever. In fact it's origin dates back to the 19th Century (1801-1900), originating with circuses. Yeah..circuses, just like that one on your box of animal crackers you used to carry around as a child. If any tragedy was to happen during a performance, let's say the acrobat didn't quite make it to the ground softly, the ringmaster and everyone else would jump in and keep things moving to keep the audience from panicking, thus keeping the show going. 

The phrase has no longer been solely attributed to the circus, theatre, concerts, and the like, but everyday life. We walk around creating our own show and when something tragic happens we try not to let it affect what we have going, but remember that the show must go on. As followers of Jesus we tend to do the same thing. We put on this spectacular show to get praises, comments, likes, when behind the curtain we know how false it all really is. When we step out onto that stage it's all or nothing, you have to be perfect, you worked so hard for people to see you in this manner, but then you miss a line, or trip during your solo dance number, and everyone gasps, points, starts to get up and leave, but you do everything in your power to keep the show going, no matter what it costs. As followers of Jesus though we need to take this phrase and break it down. Jesus doesn't call us to keep the show going, in fact, I believe he wants the show to stop. Stop saying you're 'fine' when everything in you is screaming to be released, stop pretending to be someone you're not just to get that one person to like you. Be who God created you to be, not what the world tells you to be. 

Friends, when following Jesus, it's not about the show, it's about the relationship. He wants the real, authentically messy person you know you can be. You know that person, the one who sits in the shower, crying through their facewash begging for someone to just break through a wall and cry with them, that person. Embrace the mess life seems to bring, stop putting on a show and stop trying to keep it going, it's not worth it. The show doesn't have to keep going, it can stop. It's not easy, and it may hurt, but in the end doesn't it always feel better to be who we are than who we think we should be

From one human to the next,